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EMDR is a highly effective alternative to traditional talk therapy used to help people heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, addiction, chronic pain, and other distressing experiences.

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Have you ever had trouble showing up completely or being fully present? When we spend our life performing or minimizing ourselves in cis, het normative spaces in order to feel safe, we often need to shed these protective layers to embrace and love our whole self. No more compartmentalizing parts of your identities. This is the space for you to be seen, heard, and affirmed as your authentic self.

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Ethical non-monogamy?  BDSM/Kink? Metamour? Compersion? Nesting partner? Dominant/submissive? Handler/pup? DDlg? Leather?

I am a firm believer that you should not have to pay to educate your therapist. As an active member in these communities for the past decade, you will be able to get to the core challenges in your relationship dynamics with a therapist who understands the intricacies of relationship dynamics, structures, and models. 

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Gender Affirming Letters

I do not require a specific time frame or number of sessions. My role is to reduce barriers that prevent you from living an authentic and fulfilling life. If you are unable to pay my standard rate, I will be happy discuss reduced rates. 

Please note: if you plan on using insurance, some insurance companies require a minimum time frame of psychotherapy, or require an evaluative letter to come from a psychiatrist or psychologist. 


Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Evaluation

Emotional support animals can be helpful in reducing symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions.

ESA are allowed housing and air travel accommodations.

ESA evaluation is a one time appointment (must be re-evaluated after 1 year). After the evaluation, I will be able to tell you if I am legally able to provide you with an ESA letter. 

To qualify for an ESA, you must have:

  • Mental health diagnosis

  • Exhibit impaired functionality in at least one major area in life

  • Animal must be non-disruptive and must not cause undue hardship on apartment or owner/landlord

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